Life With A Dog

Kimberly Small January 24, 2024

Having a dog has profoundly changed my life. Reflecting back, it's hard to envision my life before my furry companion entered it. He has brought a sense of completeness and joy to my everyday existence. Even on days when he eagerly wakes me up early for his walks, he remains the highlight of my day. The ease with which one can pour love into a dog stems from the knowledge that the affection returned is utterly unconditional. This is the essence of what a dog offers – pure, unreserved love.

Dogs possess a remarkable capacity for love, seemingly their only known emotion. Their actions, even those that might initially frustrate us, like chewing on a cherished pair of shoes, are rooted in this profound love. They aren't driven by malice but by a desire for closeness and attention. When they act out, it's often a sign of their affection and longing for our company. This unwavering devotion and the simplicity of their affectionate nature make life with a dog an enriching and heartwarming experience. They teach us about loyalty, the joy of life's simple pleasures, and the beauty of an unspoken bond. In their company, we find a steadfast friend and a source of comfort, making every day a little brighter and more fulfilling. In essence, life with a dog is not just about having a pet; it's about having a loyal companion who enriches life in countless, indescribable ways.

I love you, Rip. Thank you for finding me and making my life complete. 

Work With Kimberly

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